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Waste Disposal Guidelines

Recycling Hotline: 232-5383

Appliances, Metal and Large Items

The city will pick up large items, appliances and large pieces of metal at the curb if the appropriate fee is paid before pick-up is scheduled. Electronics will not be picked up curbside, either in the garbage/recycling carts or as a special paid item.

  • $13.00 Metal
  • 15.00 Large Item Pick-up. This includes items such as the following: Couches, upholstered furniture, kitchen tables, desks, box springs, mattresses or objects larger than three feet by three feet by three feet.
  • $23.00 per Appliance

Fees must be pre-paid at: City Hall, Collections Department, 215 Church Ave.

The Winnebago County Landfill also accepts these items for a small fee. Any items taken to the Winnebago County Landfill must have a tarp covering them. Winnebago County Landfill can be reached at 232-1800.

Sadoff Iron and Metal Industries will also accept metal items and electronics (920) 232-7373.


Since September 1, 2010, private citizens of Wisconsin have been required to recycle electronics. These items will NOT be collected at curbside. These items include:



Televisions and other video display devices

Fax machines

DVD, VCR, Blu-Ray players


Cell Phones

Electronics may be disposed of at the following locations. Some limitations or charges may apply. Call each location for more details.

Winnebago County Recycling -- (920) 232-1850 Goodwill Industries -- (920) 233-3897
Best Buy -- www.bestbuy.com, search for "recycling" Staples Inc -- (920) 232-0943
Milwaukee PC -- (920) 233-4706 Sadoff Iron & Metal – (920) 232-7373

Vehicle Batteries

Batteries must be recycled. Please contact Batteries Plus Bulbs (920) 231-1100 or the Winnebago County Landfill: 232-1800

Used Vehicle Oil

Used vehicle oil is a valuable resource and must be recycled. Do NOT pour waste oil down the sewer grate in the street or on the ground. Used vehicle oil may be dropped off free of charge at the City of Oshkosh Yard Waste Drop-off site, located on W. 3rd Avenue between Idaho Street and Ohio Street, and at any of the following locations. Contact individual locations for more details.

Winnebago County Landfill (920) 232-1800 - 100 County Road Y, Oshkosh

Valvoline Instant Oil Change stores - 1870 S. Koeller St., & 205 W. Murdock Ave., Oshkosh

Turn Key Auto - 2265 Omro Rd., Oshkosh

AutoZone - 800 W. Murdock Ave., Oshkosh

O'Reilly Auto Parts - 620 W. Murdock Ave., Oshkosh

Used Oil Filters

Oil filters and absorbents have been banned from Wisconsin landfill. These items should NOT be placed in the garbage or recycling carts. The Winnebago County Landfill (920) 232-1800 accepts up to 4 filters at no charge; 50 cents per filter thereafter. Also, absorbents, such as rags, pads, socks, granular /sand, etc. are accepted at no charge.


Tires will not be picked up at your curb. Tires may be recycled at the Winnebago County Landfill (232-1800).

Any items taken to the Winnebago County Landfill must have a tarp covering them.

Paint (Latex Only)

Latex Paint is considered garbage, but must be completely dried out, then can be put out on the curb for pickup. Paint cans must be dried out in a well ventilated area (outside). You may also add sand or kitty litter to the paint to help dry the paint out quicker. Spray paint cans are considered garbage and can be put with your normal garbage. Oil base paint and varnishes should be taken to the Winnebago County Household Hazardous Material Facility, which can be reached at (920) 232-1856.


Anti-freeze can now be recycled at the Winnebago County Landfill (232-1800).

Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs must be recycled. Please call Batteries Plus Bulbs (920) 231-1100 or Winnebago County Landfill for information (232-1800).