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e.g. Bowen St & E Murdock Ave, Oshkosh WI

e.g. University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Trip planning data is maintained using GTFS Manager from Trillium.

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Go Green with GO Transit! Our fleet includes four hybrid-electric buses that offer a quiet and smooth ride. Additionally, all buses include bike racks.

Route 9 features service to the 20th Avenue YMCA, Walmart, the Outlet Shoppes, Mercy Medical Center, Aurora Medical Center and more.

UWO students, staff and faculty ride GO Transit buses for free with a Titan ID. On campus, there is bus service along Algoma Blvd and High Avenue.

Routes 5 and 7 connect at the West Transfer Point on Westowne Ave. (shown in picture above).

Seven bus routes serve GO Transit’s Downtown Transit Center (110 Pearl Ave), which is located near the intersection of Market St. and Pearl Ave.

Route 8 provides access to Wittman Airport (Greyhound bus station), schools, shopping, South Park and more.

Route 4 serves St. Vincent De Paul, North High School, ADVOCAP, Lakeside Packaging and other destinations located on the north side.

GO Transit's mission is to provide reliable, affordable and accessible public transportation options to support our community's mobility needs. Our transportation options include fixed-route bus service within the City of Oshkosh, paratransit services to elderly and disabled individuals, paratransit service to low-income workers, and intercity bus service to Neenah. These services allow riders to access important destinations, like schools, employment sites, medical facilities, shopping centers, and entertainment venues.
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