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Battalion Chief of Training
Tim Heiman
OFD Tower Install Montage 2020

The Training Division is responsible for coordinating and providing recruit and incumbent training and education to department personnel. The Training Division is additionally responsible for Health and Safety initiatives and guidelines within the department.

Recruit Training

The Oshkosh Fire Department partners with other regional fire departments to conduct a joint fire academy for its newly hired firefighters. This four-week academy is the first stage in their year-long probationary process. The Training Division ensures that these new firefighters are skilled at search and rescue, fire attack, ropes and knots, ladders and countless other tasks that they must be able to perform on an emergency scene. Recruit firefighters are trained to local, state, and national standards, regulations, and guidelines that promote firefighter safety and prepare them to protect the community that they will be serving.

Incumbent Training

The Training Division provides continuing education and refresher training to department personnel. Every year the members of the Oshkosh Fire Department complete thousands of hours of training led by the Training Division in strategy and tactics, special operations, driver training, leadership development, emergency medical services, aircraft firefighting, and a myriad of other topics to be able to provide the high level of service and capability that our community needs and deserves. Not a day goes by that you cannot find firefighters training together or studying individually to be better prepared to respond to an emergency. These dedicated professionals constantly are learning new ways to keep themselves, their coworkers, and their community safe. These training records are recorded and tracked through a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows the department to document that we meet or exceed industry standards and requirements.

Health and Safety

The Oshkosh Fire Department places a priority on the health and safety of its personnel. The Battalion Chief of Training chairs an employee Safety Committee. Department members have signed the national Everyone Goes Home-Seat Belt Pledge in order to decrease line of duty deaths from vehicle accidents. The department participates annually in the nationwide Firefighter Safety Stand Down, makes decisions, purchases, and implement policies or guidelines that reflect the 16 Life Safety Initiatives. The department also has a Caring and Providing Support (C.A.P.S.) Team made up of specially trained firefighters that can help their peers deal with the many personal or professional stressors that can affect their health and well-being.