Permits are required in the City of Oshkosh to ensure your project meets zoning regulations and complies with City and State code requirements. It also allows us to assist you in achieving a project that is safe and structurally sound.

Permits are required for the following:

  • New construction or an addition to a building.
  • Alterations/remodeling (kitchen cabinets, drywalling, etc.).
  • Construction of a detached garage, lean-to, storage building, gazebo, etc., or any additions or alterations to those buildings. This includes the placement of pre-fab sheds, and buildings built off-site.
  • Construction or reconstruction of stairs, decks, stoops, porches, or ramps.
  • Residing of a building. (Make sure house numbers get reinstalled upon completion.)
  • Installation/replacement of roofing (shingles, decking, etc.).
    • Shingles can be installed over no more than one layer of existing shingles.
    • Metal roofs are NOT allowed on residential buildings in the City unless they meet certain guidelines and are approved by the City of Oshkosh Planning Division.
  • Replacement of windows and doors.
  • Installation of new windows. (Exception: a permit is not required for sash replacement only.)
  • Installation of electrical wiring including the replacement of light fixtures.
  • Installation or replacement of plumbing fixtures.
  • Installation or replacement of heating units and air conditioning units. (Exception: a permit is not required for window-mounted units.)
  • Construction or installation of a swimming pool.
  • Demolition of structures including garages. Please note that a plumbing permit is required for the disconnection of the water and sewer prior to obtaining a building permit for razing the structure.
  • Construction, replacement or expansion of a fence, patio or driveway.
  • Moving of constructed buildings in or outside of the City of Oshkosh.

Permits are not required for:

  • Interior painting or wallpapering.
  • Pouring of a concrete sidewalk (maximum 4 feet in width).
  • Flooring.
  • Replacement of a faucet.

Building Guides

The following residential building guides are available to help citizens comply with the various Municipal and State code requirements.

Permit Applications

The ability to apply for permits online is available. If you are interested in using this method to obtain permits, contact our office at 920-236-5048 or via email at to set up an account. Once your account is established please use this link to access the permitting portal. You will be notified by email when your permit is approved and the amount due. Permits can be paid online with debit/credit cards and checks (additional fees apply) or you may also send in a check or drop one off. Please note that construction will not be allowed to commence until payment is received and the permit obtained.

If you’d like to print out an application and mail it in or drop it off at our office please use the following links.

Fee Schedule