Commercial Plan Review and Permitting FAQ

Building Codes:

2015 IBC, IMC, IECC, IEBC (International Codes with Wisconsin Amendments)

Wisconsin Amendments

NFPA Referenced Standards/Codes

Buildings Constructed Prior to 1914

Heating Codes:

2015 IMC (International Codes with Wisconsin Amendments)

Wisconsin Amendments

Electrical Codes:

2017 NEC (National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) with Wisconsin Amendments)

Wisconsin Amendments

Plumbing Codes:

Wisconsin Uniform Plumbing Code

Fire Code:

2015 IFC

Please contact the City of Oshkosh Planning Department at (920) 235-5059 to discuss your specific project. You typically do not need a zoning review for interior alterations and tenant buildouts unless you’re altering the exterior of the building, installing signage or if the occupancy use of the building is changing.

You can submit for the plan review to the State of WI Department of Safety and Professional Services or through our office as we’re a delegated agency for the State. If the building volume for your project exceeds 50,000 cubic ft you’ll need to submit stamped plans from a licensed WI architect or engineer. If your project is less than 50,000 cubic ft you will still need a plan review but the plans do not have to be stamped from a licensed WI architect or engineer.

Please submit the electronically stamped plans, SBD-118, plan review fee and all calculations through our online permitting and plan review site at We also require (1) hard copy of the plans for all large commercial construction projects.

Yes the drawings need a digital or wet seal.

The plan review fee is required to be paid for at the time you submit for plan review. The permit fees will be billed once we receive a permit application and the plan review has been approved.

The commercial building permit application can be found at Once the permit is billed we’ll email the general contractor that the permit is ready with a link for payment. If you pay online there is a service fee but you can also still pay for the permit in our office to avoid the service fee.

Plans can be sent overnight but we require the application for plan review and the plans to be submitted electronically.

Permit fees are calculated by either using the greater of the square footage listed on the SBD-118 or value of the project, whichever is greater. Our permitting fee schedule can be found at

We make every effort to complete the plan review within 5-10 business days from the time our office receives all of the required items for the plan review. Our office does need the plan review fees submitted prior to starting the plan review process. Once the plan review is approved and we’re informed of the building value/contractors we can typically issue the building permit within a day or two.

Yes you can however we’ll need to know who the general contractor is prior to the building permit being issued.

There are no requirements to submit electrical drawings for plan review. The plumbing plans will need to be stamped by a master plumber or engineer if there are alterations to 10 or more fixtures. The heating plans will need to be signed by a heating designer or engineer.

You can check on the status of your review by checking your project online or by calling our permit technician at (920) 236-5048. Please have the project address available when calling to inquire about the status of the project.

Yes you will need a plumbing permit if you’re replacing fixtures or doing any plumbing work. A plumbing plan review is required if there are alterations to 10 or more fixtures. The plumbing plans will need to be stamped by a master plumber or engineer.

There is not a separate accessibility review. The general accessibility requirements will be reviewed with the building review.

No. Our office does not conduct asbestos reviews. Asbestos requirements are regulated by the WI Department of Natural Resources.

Yes exterior signage needs a separate review and permit. The following link will provide your more information as to what is required for a sign review.

Building permits are valid for 1 year provided construction has commenced within 6 months from the time the permit was issued.

There are no requirements to submit separately however we do encourage you to contact the Winnebago County Health Department at (920) 232-3000 to discuss your kitchen layout and project.

No. The State of WI does not adopt the special inspection requirements in the IBC. Please refer to the following link for commercial inspection requirements

A temporary occupancy would be required if you’re planning on phasing the project. We would also require a temporary compliance statement and phasing plan submitted by the building designer. The TOP fees are required to be submitted when applying for the TOP approval.