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Parking Ticket Online Bill Pay Inquiry

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Only accounts with a non-zero balance will be displayed.

If you receive a message "No Ticket Found" double check or retry your entry. If after the retry, you still receive that message and you think that you have a balance, please call (920) 236-5004 or try our inquiry page.

Tickets should be on the website within one to two business days of the ticket being issued for online payment. You can still pay a parking ticket in person during normal City Hall business hours on the day it has been issued or use the drop box after hours.

The parking ticket system is updated daily Monday though Friday from 3:00 PM until 4:00 PM. New tickets are unavailable for online payment until this update is complete.

Checks returned to us for nonpayment for any reason are subject to a service charge of $25

Ticket Number
Enter the Parking Ticket number. Example 0123456