Neighborhood Associations

Historic Fourth Ward

Vision: We envision a community where neighbors are connected and valued. We aim to instill strength in the diversity of our community, promote and increase the well-being, health & safety of the neighborhood, enhance pride of place and place a priority on developing a welcoming neighborhood for all.

Mission: Our neighborhood association’s mission is to bring neighborhood residents together to create a strong, respectful, diverse, and inclusive community, to address neighborhood concerns, and to improve the local quality of life.


  • Southern boundary: Merritt Ave (both sides/River East Neighborhood boundary)
  • Northern boundary: Irving Ave (South side/Midtown Neighborhood boundary)
  • Western boundary: Jefferson St (East side/Downtown Neighborhood boundary)
  • Eastern boundary: Grand St (West side/Menominee South Neighborhood boundary)

Membership: All residents, property owners, and business owners that lie within the above stated boundaries are eligible for membership in the neighborhood association. Membership is voluntary and there are no dues or fees to participate. Any member who is eighteen (18) years or older is eligible to vote. Members of the public who are not residents will be considered observers only and will not have voting rights at meetings or events.

Leadership: The Historic Fourth Ward Neighborhood Association will be led by a steering committee consisting of no less than five (5) participants and no greater than fifteen (15) who will volunteer on a one (1) year basis, to be extended based on need and interest. Any neighborhood resident eighteen (18) years or older is eligible to be a member of the steering committee. Steering Committee members will be elected by verbal consent by those residents who attend the annual membership meeting. Steering Committee members can be removed, by a majority vote at a recognized neighborhood meeting, if a member is deemed to be no longer working in the best interest of the neighborhood association. Specific Duties to be assigned:

  • Chair(s)-to be the point of contact with the City of Oshkosh and Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhoods
  • Alliance meeting representative—to attend the monthly meetings (second Monday of the month hosted by Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhoods).
  • Volunteer Tracker—records the volunteer hours for the neighborhood and submits them quarterly to Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhoods.
  • CB&E specialist-submits grant requests to Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhoods for neighborhood projects and events and completes necessary paperwork for reimbursement of funds
  • Social Media rep—to be the administrator on accounts

Committees: Residents are encouraged to be involved by volunteering with and seeking roles on teams or committees, attending meetings, and participating in events. Participants are expected to conduct themselves with a spirit of cooperation. Discussion should be civilized. The greater membership is better served when residents join a volunteer committee that has been assigned responsibilities by the Steering Committee. Other committees shall be established by the Steering Committee as necessary to pursue our neighborhood’s Mission. Membership on Committees shall be open to all neighborhood association members. Committee structure is informal to encourage participation. Some example committees are: Neighborhood Block Party Committee, Neighborhood Maintenance, and Community Engagement.

Annual Meeting & Events: The Historic Fourth Ward Neighborhood Association will meet at least annually, hold at least one event each year, and follow all other requirements as put forth by the City of Oshkosh and GO‐HNI. An annual meeting will be held every year in August. Other meetings may be called for organizational or recreational purposes. All neighborhood association members are eligible to vote on all matters brought before the organization. Decisions are to be made by consensus, whenever possible, with a majority vote necessary to pass.

Changing of Bylaws: This agreement may only be changed by majority vote at an annual membership meeting.

Communication: The New Neighborhood Association will primarily communicate via email and Facebook page. Residents are responsible for providing an active email address and following the neighborhood Facebook page. A member of each committee will take notes during each meeting and will make those notes available to the membership in a time and fashion that are reasonable.