Lakeshore Park

Four Seasons Building Rendering trail view

The Lakeshore Park property is approximately 70 acres and is a large portion of the former Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course. In January 2018, the City sold approximately 32 acres of the former golf course property to Oshkosh Corporation for construction of their global headquarters. The Lakeshore Park property surrounds the Oshkosh Corporation site. The Oshkosh Common Council has directed staff to develop the remainder of the Lakeshore site as a park. The park property has floodplains, wetland pockets and archeologically-sensitive areas. The City has developed a trail connection on the northern border of the site connecting the Tribal Heritage Trail to Rainbow Memorial Park. This trail connection was completed in the spring of 2020.

The Oshkosh Parks Department, Advisory Park Board, and Consulting Firm SmithGroup worked with the public to help design the future Lakeshore Park. The park master plan can be found here. Currently discussions are being held to design the 4 seasons building that will be located on this property.

Discussions will continue at future Advisory Park Board meetings which are held the second Monday of every month at 6PM. Further discussions will include design and construction of the 4 seasons building as well as future phases of parkland development.

Questions, concerns, or input? Please contact the Oshkosh Parks Department here or at 236-5080. Thank you.

Lakeshore Park Master Plan

Four Season Building Renderings