Menominee Park Zoo - Field Trips


  • A group should consist of one adult for each five students closely supervised. Each group should go through the zoo independently of other groups.
  • Faculty members are responsible for informing their student leaders of the rules of the zoo.
  • Each supervisor is responsible for knowing and enforcing the zoo rules. If these rules are not being followed, the zoo staff may insist the child be escorted to their mode of transportation while the other children continue through the zoo.

The zoo is open May 7st through September 25th, 2022 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Although a nominal entrance fee was implemented a few years ago to assist with raising dollars for zoo improvements, Tom and Penny Harenburg, longtime supporters of the zoo, have made a generous donation to cover all entrance costs for 2022. This means there will be NO CHARGE for any person wishing to come to the zoo during 2022.

If any school group is interested in amusement rides during their visit to the park, please contact Revenue Facilities Manager, Jenny McCollian (920) 232-5319.

If you would like information about the Little Oshkosh playground, the beach, pavilion use or any of the recreational or annual festivals held in Menominee Park, please contact the Revenue Facilities Manager at (920) 232-5319.

  • Picnic tables are available inside the zoo on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If you are looking to rent a shelter outside of the zoo please call our main parks office at (920) 236-5080.

Zoo Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of zoo visitors please adhere to the following...

  • NO bicycles
  • NO rollerblades
  • NO skateboards
  • NO pets
  • NO carry in food allowed
  • NO smoking