Menominee Park Zoo - Links

Here are some important links and contact information for organizations with which we have formed special partnerships

  • Oshkosh Zoological Society
    The Oshkosh Zoological Society supports the Menominee Park Zoo's animals, educational activities, and more! The Menominee Park Zoo was founded in 1945 and has played an important role in Oshkosh and Northeastern Wisconsin ever since. The Zoo is located on the scenic banks of Lake Winnebago and provides entertainment and education for people of all ages. The Oshkosh Zoological Society exists to serve and improve our zoo. The OZS Mission:
    • The Oshkosh Zoological Society is established to support and promote the Menominee Park Zoo.
    • We help provide a meaningful educational and recreational experience for its visitors.
    • The Zoological Society will emphasize the conservation of our natural resources
    • and an appreciation of the role of humans as part of nature.