Cemetery Rules

Fresh cut flowers may be used anytime and may remain until they become wilted or unsightly in the judgment of the Cemetery Supervisor. Potted plants may be set out on lots as long as they don’t disturb the sod. Artificial flowers are treated in the same manner as potted plants and must be placed in a vase or pot. Any flowers not placed in a receptacle will be removed. Glass containers are not to be used for safety reasons. Please keep in mind plastic pots become brittle over time and can be damaged during lawn care. Flowers or vines that injure the grass or interfere with lawn care can be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery Supervisor.

The cemetery schedules a "Cemetery Clean Up Week" twice per year. At that time ALL flowers, decorations and loose pots will be removed and discarded. Please remove all the items you wish to save from the lot before the "Cemetery Clean Up Week".

*Spring Clean Up Week: Monday thru Friday the 3rd week of April

*Fall Clean Up Week: Monday thru Friday the 3rd week of October

Please call the cemetery office at 920 236-5092 if you have questions regarding spring or fall clean up dates.