Near East Neighborhood

In 2005, the City adopted a 20-year Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan Update Committee assigned highest priority to 13 implementation items, which included "Implement 'Neighborhood Improvement Strategies' in specific geographic areas for neighborhood and housing issues." This effort will move forward as the "Great Neighborhoods Program".

The Near East Neighborhood is one of the four priority neighborhood improvement strategic areas identified in the Comprehensive Plan. This neighborhood was selected as the first area to be a part of the "Great Neighborhoods Program" due to its proximity to the downtown area which is also undergoing revitalization efforts. Additional consideration was given to the opportunities and assets in the area including a relatively high level of owner occupancy, presence of some architecturally interesting properties and the number of blighted properties whose removal would significantly enhance the appearance of the area and would provide opportunities for well-designed infill to attract new residents.

Neighborhood Plan, adopted March 14, 2006

Redevelopment Plan, adopted March 28, 2006

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