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Residential Cross Connection Survey

As part of a continued effort to provide safe water, Oshkosh Water Utility will be performing Cross Connection Surveys at each residence within the City. These inspections not only protect against hazardous connections to the water supply, but are required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

These residential surveys are completed at no cost to homeowners and will consist of an inspection of the basement plumbing, as well as any plumbing located outside the home. Some of the things we will be looking at are the drains on water softeners, hose bibs, laundry tubs, boilers, toilets, and other connection points, including irrigation systems. This assures compliance with the State’s Cross Connection Plumbing Code.

The most common residential non-complying plumbing fixtures are hose bibs not having backflow prevention. A simple installation of a hose bib vacuum breaker, which will be supplied by the Water Utility, can often resolve this issue.

The cross connection control program was set up to protect the public water supply system from potential backflow hazards, which could allow “dirty” or unsafe water to get into the public water supply. Oshkosh Water Utility would like to thank you for your participation in this program and for helping us to provide safe water and meet Federal and State requirements.

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If you are interested in distributing informational materials for the Water Service Line Inspection Program, contact Oshkosh Dept. of Public Works employees Steve Gohde: (920) 236-5065 sgohde@ci.oshkosh.wi.us or Jesse Barrette: (920) 236-5165 JBarrette@ci.oshkosh.wi.us.

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