Street Patching/Potholes

Potholes - no one likes them. They seem to pop up overnight. In reality, potholes are created in a number of ways. When water seeps into cracks on the road's surface and is combined with the vibration of traffic it causes the asphalt to fail. This is why there are more potholes after it rains. Potholes are also created when larger vehicles stress the roadway causing a movement of the subsurface. Once there is a weak spot, every vehicle that travels over it worsens the problem, and eventually a section of the material will fail. The most common cause is the freeze/thaw cycle. The ice/snow melts during the day filling cracks with water. At night the water freezes and expands, popping out the asphalt.

Potholes and other roadway failures are repaired by Street Division in order of priority. Our goal is to respond to all potholes within 24 hours of being notified. We take care of the problem initially by installing a temporary patching material. Then we prioritize the potholes by size, number and street traffic volume to see if more extensive repairs are warranted.

To report potholes, please call Street Division at 232-5380 or click here to report via Connect Oshkosh app.