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What is a transfer?

A transfer is a receipt issued to a passenger by the bus driver after a fare is paid. A transfer is needed when you cannot get to your final destination on the first bus you board and need to transfer to a second bus to access another route. Transfers are free, but must be used within 60 minutes. Any passenger may ask for a transfer when boarding the bus after the fare is paid. You should also tell the driver which bus route you will be transferring to.

Where can I transfer?

Transfers are accepted at multiple bus stops and transfer points throughout the system. Common timed transfer points include the Downtown Transit Center, West Transfer Point, Walmart, and Mallard Ave/Grove St.

  1. The Route 10 bus will accept transfers at the Transit Center when the rider’s destination is South of County Road Y. Rides from Oshkosh to Neenah must pay the Route 10 fare.

  2. GO Transit will honor late transfers when normal service is interrupted.
GO Transit Bus Fares
One-way Cash Fare (ages 6-59) $1.50
Senior Citizen (age 60 and over) $0.75
Disabled (w/ ADA card or Medicare Card) $0.75
Oshkosh K-12 Students** FREE
Children under 6 years of age* FREE
Fox Valley Technical College Students w/ current student ID FREE
Disabled Veterans
w/ DVA Service Connected ID
Punch Pass (20 rides) $30.00
Reduced Punch Pass (20 rides) $15.00
Roll of Tokens (20 rides) $35.00
Monthly Pass (unlimited rides) $35.00
3-Month Passes Bundled $90.00 (Best Value!)

*Please note: Only 3 Children under 6 per fare paying rider are eligible for the free fare.
**Oshkosh K-12 students are currently free thanks to a partnership between the City of Oshkosh, Oshkosh Area School District and private donors. This program is subject to change based on funding

  1. To qualify for reduced fares or free fares, rider must be prepared to show the driver the applicable form of ID.

  2. To use a Reduced Punch Pass, rider must show driver proof of age (60 or older), valid ADA paratransit card or valid Medicare Card.
Oshkosh to Neenah Route (Route #10)
One-way Cash Fare $3.00
Disabled or Senior Cash Fare $1.50
Punch Pass 2 punches for 1 ride
Tokens 2 tokens for 1 ride
Disabled Veterans
w/ DVA Service Connected ID
Children under 6 years of age* FREE

Please note: Route #10 (Oshkosh to Neenah) can also be use for local trips (South of County Road Y) under the normal GO Transit fare structure (cash fare $1.50, passes, tokens, etc.). A monthly pass can also be used for trips on route 10 for an additional $1.50 per trip.

*Please note: Only 3 Children under 6 per fare paying rider are eligible for the free fare.

EAA Special Event Route
Round Trip Cash Fare $5.00
Pass (valid on all GO Transit buses and EAA route during EAA) $30.00
Paratransit Services
GO Plus - Bus hours $3.00
GO Plus - After hours $6.00
SENIOR D-A-R - Bus hours $4.50
SENIOR D-A-R - After hours $6.00
RURAL $7.00

*A $1.00 Convenience Fee will be added to the one-way fare for trips that were not scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. This fee does not apply to return trips from medical facilities.

Pass Outlets
Monthly Pass Outlets (1/1/09)
(Monthly passes only valid on GO Transit buses and Route 10 service south of County Road Y)
Establishment Monthly Passes Available 3-Month Passes Available Address Located on:
Oshkosh Public Library X X 106 Washington Ave Route #3
City Hall* X X 215 Church Ave. Route #2 or #5
Oshkosh Family Inc.* X   Broad St. & Bay Shore Drive Route #1
GO Transit X X 926 Dempsey Trail Route #6
St. Vincent De Paul Store X 2551 Jackson Street Route #4

*Located Downtown
Punch passes are available on buses from drivers
All passes and tokens are sold at GO Transit Office at 926 Dempsey Trail