Bus Routes


Below is a brief timeline of mass transit in the City of Oshkosh.

1800’s - Steamboats and stagecoaches provided mass transportation during Oshkosh’s pioneer era.
1882 - The Oshkosh Street Railway Company began operating six horse-drawn cars on 4.5 miles of track in June of 1882.
1897 - The animal-powered streetcar system in Oshkosh was converted to electric streetcars in 1897.

1920’s - By the late 1920’s, streetcar tracks become too expensive to maintain, so the mass transit system was replaced with motor buses. Buses were first powered with gasoline engines and later replaced with diesel engines.

1930 - On May 31, 1930, the last streetcar made its final run.
1933 - Oshkosh City Lines, Inc. assumed operation of urban buses in Oshkosh.

1962 - City Transit Lines assumed operation of urban buses in Oshkosh.
1978 - The City of Oshkosh took over the operation of the transit system and it became the Oshkosh Transit System (OTS).
1979 - The system carries the “One Millionth Rider” since city take-over.
1980 - 14 new buses are delivered and put into service; the route system is expanded by 40%.
1990 - Construction of the downtown transfer center at 110 Pearl Avenue is completed

1990 - The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all public transit systems to offer equivalent service to individuals with disabilities. OTS had been offering this service for a number of years prior to the promulgation of ADA.

1999 - Agreement with the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh allows UWO students, faculty, and staff to ride for free.
2003 - The Oshkosh Transit System celebrates 25 years of operation by the City of Oshkosh.