Traffic Control/Street Lights

To report an issue with traffic signals, please click here or call 920-232-5342.

Street lighting is provided by the Transportation Department throughout the City. Most street lights are mounted on wood utility poles and are leased from Wisconsin Public Service. Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) maintains these lights as part of the lease agreement. Outages should be reported directly WPS at or 1-800-450-7240.

In addition to leased lights, the city owns and maintains a number of street lights on aluminum poles. These lights are maintained by the Transportation Department electricians. Outages or malfunctions for City-owned lights should be reported to the Transportation Department click here or call 920-232-5342.

It is important to note that street lights are provided for the purposes of increased vehicular and pedestrian safety. They are not intended to provide uniform lighting of sidewalks or individual properties for security or convenience purposes.

The City of Oshkosh evaluates streetlight locations whenever we participate in street reconstruction projects, tree canopy removal or trimming projects, and/or whenever we experience an equipment failure at the streetlight location. Appropriate placement of streetlights is determined by the following criteria:

  • Proximity to street intersections
  • Evidence of high pedestrian crossing volume
  • Traffic site impairments such as curves and hills
  • The distance from a street light is more than 375 feet
  • High Accident Rates

Private property ingress and egress, private property yard lighting, and private property security lighting are all the responsibilities of individual property owners. For private security lighting, we recommend installing motion-activated security lights equipped with energy-efficient LED bulbs on your own premises.

If you would like to request the addition or removal of a street light based on the criteria above, please fill out the form online at or call 920-232-5342.