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How can my bill be exactly the same as last month?

The City of Oshkosh bills in increments of 100 cubic feet (approximately 750 gallons). Readings are taken every month and subtracted from the last reading to arrive at the usage for the month. This usage is rounded down to arrive at the number of 100 cubic feet used for that period. It is not uncommon to have similar usage for several months in a row when there has been no change in the number of people or the personal habits at a service, and since the City bills in increments of 100 cubic feet bills may be for the exact same amount even though the actual number of gallons used from month to month may have varied slightly.

Why are my Water Bills always the same?

A card from the water utility was left on my door.

The utilities’ service staff leave cards for a variety of reasons, usually these reasons include checking the metering equipment, or to replace the metering equipment. The card is left to request the resident to call the utility office to schedule a convenient time to allow the utility service staff access to the meter.

More information on the City’s meter replacement program can be found here.

Questions concerning cards can be further answered by calling (920) 232-5330.

When are my bills mailed?

Utility bills are mailed monthly, Approximate billing and due dates can be found here.

How is my bill calculated?

Utility bills are comprised of two pieces. There is a fixed charge, based on meter size, and there are consumption charges based on the amount of water used. An example of how a bill is calculated can be found here.

Where/How can I make payments?

Payments can be mailed to:

City of Oshkosh
PO BOX 94350
Palatine, IL 60055-4350

Payments can be made in person at City Hall located at 215 Church Avenue

There is also a drop box for after hour payments located at City Hall to the left of the main entry doors.

The City of Oshkosh also offers automatic payment drawn on the due date from checking or savings accounts. The form to apply can be found here.

The City of Oshkosh has also contracted with a third party provider to process electronic check and credit card payments. There is an additional charge to use this service and more information can be found here.

How do I apply for service?

To apply for service please contact us at (920) 232-5325.

I’m moving and need to discontinue service.

To discontinue service please contact us at (920) 232-5325.