Leak Adjustment Program

  1. A repair must be completed, a turn off will not be considered a repair.

  2. A repair must be reported to Utility Accounting within three months of the leak. When a leak is reported, an adjustment will only be given for up to three months prior to report of leak.

    How to report a repair:

    • Call Utility Accounting at 920-232-5325.
    • Fill out leak adjustment form on the City of Oshkosh website.

  3. Utility Accounting needs the following information to be eligible for a leak adjustment:

    • Type of leak (toilet repair/replace, kitchen faucet dripping, outside faucet leak, etc.)
    • Date of repair
    • Who completed the repair?
    • Where did the water discharge into, if mopped up, where was the water emptied into?
    • How long was the leak going on, ok to put unknown?
    • The number of occupants at the location
    • Any other changes that would change the average usage – more people, new washer, watering

  4. Information on adjustments:
    • Your account will be reviewed for an adjustment after a 3-4 week test period to ensure your leaks have been found and repaired.
    • The amount of adjustment will be based on a test period usage or usage from a previous quarter.
    • A leak adjustment will only adjust your volume rate and will not bring your bill down to an "average" amount. (A leak adjustment will be a fairly small credit.)
    • All water which is released in sanitary sewer must be treated by the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
    • Utility Accounting will review your current bill from when the leak was repaired and the two prior bills to determine eligibility for a potential credit.
    • Your leak adjustment will be given on a future bill. If the usage is still high after the test period, Utility Accounting will contact you by the phone number provided.
    • Other guidelines may apply to your specific circumstance.

Click here to fill out Leak Adjustment email form or click here for the PDF form.