Pool Adjustment Program

  1. The City of Oshkosh offers an adjustment on the sewer usage when a swimming pool is filled (one adjustment per year).

  2. Required information needed for an adjustment/credit:
    • Pool Permit # - from City of Oshkosh Inspections Department (920) 236-5050
    • Inside Water meter reading before filling the swimming pool
    • Inside Water meter reading after filling the swimming pool
    • Date you completed filling the pool
    • Shape of the pool
    • Dimensions of the pool (diameter, depth, etc.)
    • Capacity of the pool in gallons
    • How much of the pool was filled (ex. 1/2 full or filled from empty, etc.)

  3. The filling of a pool must be reported to Utility Accounting within three months of filling, but to ensure a timely credit, please report the filling as soon as possible.

  4. How to report the filling of a swimming pool:
    • Print or fill out the pool adjustment form from the City of Oshkosh website https://www.ci.oshkosh.wi.us/UtilityBilling/ApplicationForPoolAdjustment.pdf with the information listed above in Section 2. Please email, fax, or bring the form to the City of Oshkosh – Utility Accounting after filling is completed.
    • You can also call Utility Accounting at 920-232-5325 with the information listed above in Section 2 after your filling is completed.

  5. Important information on adjustments:
    • Utility Accounting needs all of the information in Section 2 in order to be eligible for a pool adjustment.
    • Only one pool filling/partial filling will be credited on your bill in a calendar year.
    • The bill balance must be current in order to receive a pool adjustment (no past due balances).
    • A pool adjustment means you will pay for the water used, but the sewer charges related to the pool filling will be credited.
    • Pool adjustments are credited after the pool adjustment is processed, it will appear on a future billing (not the bill the pool filling charges were incurred).

Click here to fill out Pool Adjustment email form or click here for the PDF form.