Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Project

The City of Oshkosh is nearing the conclusion of updating the City’s Zoning Ordinance and Map. The purposes of the project are to modernize zoning regulations, streamline zoning processes, encourage reinvestment and sustainability, and implement the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The process to complete the Zoning Ordinance and Map is anticipated to be finalized prior to January 1, 2017. Public input is encouraged throughout and opportunities remain, so that the Zoning Ordinance reflects community wishes. Please review the content on this page for the Zoning Ordinance updates and information. If you have comments or questions please contact us to discuss directly at 920-236-5059 or planning@ci.oshkosh.wi.us

Draft Zoning Ordinance

Draft Zoning Map Oct 2016

Zoning Ordinance Rewrite/Update Working Group Membership

  • Rob Kleman, Chamber of Commerce
  • Elizabeth Hartman, Chamco
  • Nancy Jo Dietzen, Chamco
  • Jason White, GO-EDC
  • Bob Cornell, Oshkosh Board of Appeals
  • Vicky Redlin, Oshkosh Landmarks Commission
  • Tom Fojtik, Oshkosh Plan Commission
  • Ed Bowen, Commercial Real Estate and Developer
  • Margy Davey, Oshkosh Sustainability Advisory Board
  • Todd Cummings, Oshkosh Business Improvement District
  • Kris Larson, Oshkosh Business Improvement District
  • Ruth McGinley, Millers Bay Neighborhood Association
  • Stan Mack, Oshkosh Area School District
  • Joann Rife, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • Tom Karrels, Engineer and Developer
  • George Mathwig, Habitat for Humanity
  • Jeff Potts, Habitat for Humanity
  • Dennis Schwab, Oshkosh Realtor/Developer
  • Grant Schwab, Oshkosh Realtor/Developer
  • Shelly Reinke, GO-HNI

Oshkosh Plan Commission Membership

  • Tom Fojtik
  • David Borsuk
  • Jeffrey Thoms
  • Karl Nollenberger
  • John Hinz
  • Steve Cummings
  • Kathleen Propp
  • Gary Gray
  • Donna Lohry
  • Robert Vajgrt
  • Ed Bowen

Issue Identification Workshops and Focus Groups 9/30/2013

Workgroup Workshop 10/29/2013

Working Group Ordinance Review Workshop 4/24/2014

Working Group Article II, III, IV, and V Workshop 1/22/2015

Plan Commission Article II, III, IV, and V Workshop 2/3/2015

Working Group Article VIII Workshop 5/27/2015

Plan Commission Article VIII Workshop 6/16/2015

Plan Commission Article VIII Workshop 6/30/2015

Working Group Article VII Workshop 7/1/2015

Plan Commission Article VII Workshop 7/21/2015

Plan Commission Article VII Workshop 8/18/2015

Plan Commission Article VI and XI Workshop 9/1/2015

Working Group Article VI and XI Workshop 9/4/2015

Working Group Article IX Workshop 10/6/2015

Plan Commission Article IX Workshop 11/4/2015

Joint Plan Commisssion and Workign Group Article X & Full Code Workshop 7/13/2016

Open House 8/31/2016