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Oshkosh Fire Department/Firefighter’s ABCs Grant Program

In partnership with Fox Valley Technical College

The Oshkosh Fire Department and Firefighter ABCs have partnered with Fox Valley Technical College to create a student specific grant program to encourage gender and racial diversity within fire and emergency medical services departments and to help remove barriers to pursuing a career in a fire department such as financial need.

Applicant eligibility:

  • Plan on pursuing a career in the fire service.
  • Be able to demonstrate financial need.

This grant will prioritize applicants who are from traditionally underrepresented individuals in the fire service. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

To apply please complete the information below.

Contact Information:

* First Name:

Middle Initial:

* Last Name:

* Address:

* City:

* State:

* Zip:


* Phone Number:

* Email Address:

*Gender Identity


Application Questions

*When do you anticipate starting your education at FVTC?

*How do you plan to pay for College?

* What program will you be enrolling in?

*Why did you choose this field of study?

*Amount requested?

*Please provide any information that may be helpful to the Selection Committee: