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Fire Prevention

BC Brian Bending
Battalion Chief of Fire Prevention
(920) 236-5241

Lt. Dave Neuber
Fire Inspector/Investigtator
(920) 236-5242

John Holland
Public Ed Specialist
(920) 236-5249

The fire prevention division works to reduce the loss of life and property through code enforcement and public education. The Battalion Chief and Lieutenant Inspector assign company fire inspections of commercial, industrial, and large residential properties. The inspections are an important part of fire prevention. They identify fire code deficiencies, building construction, and contents. They also provide fire companies a chance to familiarize themselves with the building, develop preplans, and instruct the occupants on fire safety. The division also has a Public Educator who is responsible for fire education classes to present at school and community groups. These classes provide information on fire prevention as well as fire safety. The Public Educator also provides the Juvenile Fire Safety Program counseling for juveniles under the age of 14. Another responsibility of the fire prevention division is fire investigation. All fires are investigated to identify the causes. This information can be used in training and fire prevention to help prevent fires of that cause from happening again. Fires found to be suspicious in nature are investigated jointly with the police department and at times with the State Fire Marshal's Office.