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Station 15

Station 15 is located at 101 Court St. and is home to Command 15, Engine 15, Ladder 15, Med 15, B15 (Ice Rescue), Boat 215 and Dive Rescue. Fire Chief Mike Stanley and administrative staff are located here. Public Education specialist John Holland conducts Child Safety Seat Checks and manages Public Education at Station 15. Station 15 crews also operate Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department Marine 2 for boat/water rescue calls.

Car 15 is staffed by a daily shift supervisor who acts as Incident Commander at complex incidents.

Engine 15 protects the City of Oshkosh's downtown. Duties include Fire Prevention, Firefighting, Advanced Life Support EMS, and Water/Ice Rescue.

Med 15 is staffed by two firefighter/paramedics. They provide Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the downtown area and southern Winnebago County.

Heavy rescue 15 responds to all city structure fires and vehicle accidents as well as Technical Rescue, Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) and Water/Ice Rescue incidents.


M215 2012 Chevy/Medtech 4500
M15 2019 Ford F550 Lifeline Ambulance
L15 2016 Pierce Quantum/Quint
E15 2021 Pierce Velocity/Pumper
C15 2017 Ford F150