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The City of Oshkosh Fire Department currently has a roster of 110 personnel. The department is divided into five divisions.

The Fire department is under the leadership of Fire Chief Mike Stanley, assisted by Assistant Chief John Ziemer, Battalion Chiefs: Brian Bending, Mark Boettcher, Mike Rutter, Chuck Hable, Tim Heiman, and Dan Mrochek.


The training division coordinates and provides training and education to department personnel. Weekly department wide drills are preformed to maintain skill and knowledge as well as introduce new methods and procedures. The goal of the training is to ensure all personnel will perform to the best of their ability, as safe and effectively as possible.

The department also provides an intern program for Fox Valley Technical College fire science program students. The intern program provides hands-on training and experience for students learning about a career in fire fighting and/or emergency medical services

BC Mark Boettcher:  Fire Department Special Operations Chief
Phone: 920.236.5237

BC Tim Heiman: Fire Department Training Chief

Phone: 920.236.5236

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The operations department makes up the majority of the personnel in the department. 99 line officers, equipment operators, and firefighter/paramedics staff the operations department. One assistant chief and six battalion chiefs comprise the command staff. The operations division is divided into three shifts. Each shift works twenty-four hours on duty, forty-eight hours off duty.

The operations division staffs six stations throughout the city. Four engine companies, two quint companies, three paramedic ambulances, one heavy rescue, and one duty chief provide emergency services.

Fire companies also cross-staff four additional paramedic ambulances, three airport crash units, two hazardous materials units, husky airboat, rescue zodiac boat, and wildland fire units.

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The maintenance division is responsible for the routine maintenance of fire stations, fire apparatus, and support equipment. Mechanic Jeff Tischaefer is responsible for most vehicle maintenance and repairs.

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The prevention division works to reduce the loss of life and property through code enforcement and public education. The Battalion Chief and Lieutenant Inspector assign company fire inspections of commercial, industrial, and large residential properties. The inspections are an important part of prevention. They identify fire code deficiencies, building construction, and contents. They also provide fire companies a chance to familiarize themselves with the building, develop preplans, and instruct the occupants on fire safety.

The division also has a Public Educator who is responsible for fire education classes to present at school and community groups. These classes provide information on prevention as well as fire and life safety. The Public Educator also provides the Juvenile Fire Safety Program for juveniles who play with or have a fascination with fire..

Another responsibility of the fire prevention division is fire investigation. Fires are routinely investigated to identify the causes. This information is used in training and prevention to help prevent fires of that cause from happening again. Fires found to be set intentionally are investigated jointly with the police department and at times with the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

BC Brian Bending : Fire Department Prevention Chief
Phone: 920.236.5241

Mr. J. Holland: Fire Department Public Educator
Phone: 920.236.5249

Lt. Dave Neuber: Fire Inspector
Phone: 920.236.5242

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The emergency medical services (EMS) division manages the department’s paramedic ambulance services and education program. EMS division coordinates continuing education for paramedics. The Battalion Chief of EMS also acts as the department’s infection control coordinator and emergency management planning to the city.

Three full time ambulances staffed with paramedic level trained firefighters service the city and surrounding townships. The city is also equipped with four additional ambulances that are placed into active service when the three active ambulances are on emergency calls. City fire companies respond to medical calls to provide additional assistance to paramedics on medical emergencies. Fire companies are trained to the first responder or paramedic level and carry heart defibrillation equipment. Our local area hospitals provide continuous medical direction on all medical emergencies.

BC Chuck Hable: Fire Department Emergency Medical Services
Phone: 920.236.5247

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