Pollock Community Water Park - Season Passes

Opening Day: June 7th 2023

Closing Day: August 18th 2023

Pass Sale nights: June 1st 4 - 8 pm

Season Pass Application

Financial Assistance Application

The City of Oshkosh Parks Department shall issue each person involved with the season pass program a pictured, laminated pass for entry into the water park. It is required that pictures are taken before any pass is issued.

A family pass is limited to all family members who reside at the same address, and who use the household as their permanent address.

The initial purchase of a family pass includes four (4) family members. The four (4) members may include: two (2) parents (including stepparents and/or grandparents) and two (2) children; one (1) parent and/or three (3) children; four (4) children, or any combination, thereof. A maximum of two (2) adults will be allowed per family pass (exceptions may be considered. Additional family members (children) may be added to the family pass at a cost of $16 each. Proof of residency shall be required for each family pass member.

Extended family or adult children (and their families) living in a parents or family member’s household shall obtain their own individual or family pass.

Daycare providers/babysitters are not eligible to be included on a family pass unless they are family members residing at the same address. If any family desires to have a non-family member daycare provider or babysitter involved with accompanying children to the water park, then a separate, individual pass will have to be purchased.

Season Pass Rates Before 6/1/23 After 6/1/23
Child (2 years and Under) Free Free
Youth (3 years -17 years) $55 $60
Youth Non-Resident $70 $75
Adults (18 years-59 years) $65 $70
Adult Non-Resident $80 $85
Seniors (60 years and older) $55 $60
Senior Non-Resident $70 $75
4-Family Members $125 $145
4-Family Non-Resident $155 $160
(each Additional Family Member) $16/each $16/each
Daily Admission Rates Before 5:00 pm After 5:00 pm
Child (2 years & under) FREE FREE
Youth (3 years - 17 yrs) $4.50 $3
Adults (18 years -59 yrs) $5.50 $4
Seniors (60 years and older) $3.50 $2